Top 3 Reasons Why DIY Trumps Snow Removal Services

We’re in the dead of winter (hello, polar vortex!). Depending on where you live, there’s a strong likelihood that snow is piling up on the driveways, sidewalks, and rooftops. Slips, falls, and roof damage are top of mind. As you consider the options, your time, effort, and money come into play. You confront the age-old question, “Do I clear the snow myself, or hire a snow removal service to do it for me?”. Three Reasons Why Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Snow Removal Makes More Sense  1.  Save money You pay a steep price for the convenience of snow removal services. Snow removal companies often charge per hour and even per snowfall or storm. What’s more, these companies can charge extra for such things as: Rooftop snow removal Long driveways, sidewalks, and walkways Types of equipment needed Response time Location (urban vs. suburban vs. countryside) Average snowfall per year 2.  Remove snow on… Continue reading "Top 3 Reasons Why DIY Trumps Snow Removal Services"

Snow Removal – An Extreme Winter Sport

When we think of extreme winter sports, activities like ski jumping, ice climbing and snow kiting come to mind. But with severe winter storms bearing down on Canada and the northern US, a potentially more dangerous activity emerges – snow removal! With each inch of snow accumulation, the risk of injury from falls, overexertion and even heart attacks increases. Shoveling - An Extreme Winter Sport?  Did you know: The risk of having a heart attack is higher in days after heavy snow, especially for men? Following 20 cm snowfalls, the risk of men being admitted to the hospital or dying increases by 16% and 34% respectively, compared to other days? This risk is even higher after two to three consecutive days of snowfall? These are the findings of a study published by the Canadian Medical Association Journal in which researchers at the University of Montreal made an astonishing, but… Continue reading "Snow Removal – An Extreme Winter Sport"

Top Signs That It’s Time to Remove Snow from Your Roof

Winter is in full swing. As usual, you can expect a weather cocktail of snow, ice pellets, freezing rain and possibly a downpour. Although most roofs in northern climates are designed to withstand the heaviest of snowfalls, it’s essential that you routinely remove snow from your roof to prevent ice dams, water infiltration, and even roof collapse. When should you remove snow from your roof? Here are some telltale signs that it’s time to start clearing your roof! Source: You Have a Low-Pitch Roof While all roofs need to be cleared of snow throughout the winter, shallow-pitch and flat roofs are particularly susceptible to accumulations and drifting. If you have one of these roof designs, it’s a good idea to remove snow a little more often than “steeper” sloped roofs. Source: After A Heavy Snowfall Whether you’ve just experienced a winter storm that dumped a massive amount of… Continue reading "Top Signs That It’s Time to Remove Snow from Your Roof"

Happy Holidays!

As we close the book on another year, we reflect on the success we’ve had in 2018 and recognize those that have made it possible. The past 12 months have been nothing short of an adventure! With this just being our second year in business, we’ve seen our Retail family grow to over 500 stores across Canada and the U.S. Since our inception, thousands of homeowners have trusted SnowPeeler to remove snow from their roofs safely. In November, we had the opportunity to audition for Dragons’ Den! We had interest from all six of the Dragons, ending with proposals from two! Through all the excitement, we’re humbled by the support of our retail partners and customers. Without them, our journey would have followed a much different path. In honor of their support, we’ll continue to deliver the highest quality of products and support possible. In 2019, we’ll turn the page… Continue reading "Happy Holidays!"

Winter! Who has it worse?

Those of us who live in the upper regions of North America have a love/hate relationship with winter. We enjoy the range of activities that the season brings from hockey and skiing to horse-drawn sleighs and sugar shacks! But as the temperatures plummet, the nights grow longer, and the snow starts piling up, we begin to ponder, “where could winter be worse?” Rest assured, this is a sentiment felt around the world. And as bad as we think we have it during winter, there are millions more who have it worse! Let’s consider fellow sufferers in major cities around the world. 10 Snowiest Major Cities Around the World (Basis: Annual Snowfall, Cities with populations over 100,000) 9.  Buffalo, New York (95 inches) 8.  Rochester, New York (99 inches) 7.  Akita, Tōhoku, Japan (107 inches) 6.  Saguenay, Quebec (123 inches) 5.  (Tie) Syracuse, New York, and Quebec City, Quebec (124 inches)… Continue reading "Winter! Who has it worse?"

Winter is coming to Dragons’ Den

Starting from the early days at the family cabin, where we envisioned a better way to spend time than clearing snow from the roof with a shovel and ladder. To the present day, where we’ve expanded the factory to meet the demand for SnowPeelers.  PolarMade has been an adventure in the making and the next stop – Dragons’ Den! Fueling the Journey Growing a business is no easy task. It starts by making quality products that customers need. Then it takes working with great partners to make those products readily available. It comes down to long days, constant change, and lots of money. Out of the Snow and into the Fire! So, what better way to ensure the financial future of PolarMade, and at the same time, realize every entrepreneur’s dream than to audition for Dragons’ Den! Dragon’s Den is where aspiring entrepreneurs pitch their business concepts and products to… Continue reading "Winter is coming to Dragons’ Den"

Value: It’s less about dollars, more about sense

We live in a consumer-driven world. On any given day, the average person sees as many as 5,000 ads. With slogans such as, “more for less” and “you get what you pay for,” it’s easy to think that we make purchasing decisions based merely on price. But as we peek deeper into our buying behavior, we see that value is the motivating factor. Sense of Value Many of our buying decisions are purely emotional. It’s a primal response that results in the “impulse buy” and the “last-minute purchase.” However, there are times when we do our “homework” before pulling out the credit card. In these scenarios, whether subconsciously or not, we devise a purchasing strategy based on our unique sense of value. We’re contemplating the benefits we’ll receive minus the price we pay to arrive at our personal value equation. Choices - Advantage or Dilemma Choice can be a double-edged… Continue reading "Value: It’s less about dollars, more about sense"

Winter is coming – expect the unexpected!

We’re days away from dropping the puck to start the NHL’s regular season. That means 82 games in which anything can happen. It’s also a sign that winter is right around the corner and, as with hockey, we should expect the unexpected. Mostly Cold & More Snowy Source: Old Farmer's Almanac According to the Old Farmer’s Almanac, we should expect colder-than-normal temperatures and above-normal snowfall this winter. This may not have been the forecast we were hoping for, but it comes as no surprise. A Little Preparation As “Northerners,” we’re accustomed to harsh winters. We look forward to the change in seasons and take pride in our ability to conquer the elements.  We’ve found that with a little preparation in the fall, we can stave off significant issues in the spring. Before the first snowflakes fall, we’ll – Swap the shorts & tee shirts for pants & sweaters Rake the… Continue reading "Winter is coming – expect the unexpected!"

Success – One Roof at a Time

Spring is officially here!  As we say goodbye to the snow and ice and put the shovels and boots away, it’s time to reflect on the success of this past winter season. A Snowball’s Chance in _______! For startup companies, the first year is the toughest.  The risks are high.  The challenges - well, they can quickly snowball! Today, we give thanks to 7,000 brave customers who decided to give SnowPeeler a chance.  They cleared tons of snow from thousands of roofs and stayed safe doing it.  Because of their initiative, PolarMade had an incredible first year far surpassing its initial sales targets. Getting the Word Out We knew awareness was going to be key to our success. We had to get the word out (as well as a few videos) on just how safe, fast, and effective SnowPeeler could be. Since launching last October, we pursued an aggressive, web… Continue reading "Success – One Roof at a Time"

Winter Still Has Some Bite Left

Although we have spring on our minds, winter may not be finished with us yet! Keep the Snow Rake Handy If we know anything, we know nature is unpredictable — especially when it comes to record-setting snowstorms in March and April. In Canada, you may recall the 47cm of snow that hit Montreal in March 1971 or the 50cm of snow that fell in Manitoba in April 1997. In the U.S., we only have to look to April of last year when the Western Plains received up to 20 inches of snow over two days. The SnowPeeler Challenge As much as we’d like to get our hoes and shovels out to start planting, we may want to keep our snow tools within reach just a little while longer. This is especially true if you’ve bought a SnowPeeler or are considering a late winter purchase.  The SnowPeeler “How Do You Peel”… Continue reading "Winter Still Has Some Bite Left"