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Easily remove accumulated snow from your roof

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Spend less time working and more time enjoying!

Thanks to SnowPeeler, you can clear your roof 2-3 times faster than traditional snow rakes.


No ladder required


2-3 times faster than snow rakes


Less effort to use

The SnowPeeler is designed to be used with both feet firmly on the ground

SnowPeeler is designed to be used with both feet firmly on the ground. SnowPeeler incorporates a tapered, rectangular cutting blade with a tear-resistant snow slide. With a simple motion, the aluminum blade slices through the snow and flows down the slide.


SnowPeeler - Roof Snow Removal Tool

6 m (20 ft.) adjustable handle

Long hours of snow removal are OVER. With the SnowPeeler, fresh or compacted snow will easily fall from the roof.

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SnowPeeler Premium - Long Handle Roof Rake

9 m (30 ft.) handle

Equip yourself with our most complete snow removal tool. With the SnowPeeler Premium in hand, you'll clear your roof 3x faster than your neighbor.

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Snowpeeler Cedar

How to use the SnowPeeler?

From the ground or rooftop, SnowPeeler enables you to safely and effectively clear accumulated snow. With a simple motion, the cutting blade slices through fresh and packed snow. Snow flows down the slide and off the roof – gravity does the work.

Start by clearing the first 60 centimeters of snow closest to your gutter / lower eave. This step is very important because it provides a working area to maneuver your SnowPeeler laterally which will make clearing the upper section of your roof much easier. While resting SnowPeeler on the roof, add extensions as you clear snow further up the roof.

What People Are Saying

SnowPeeler has revolutionized winter. See how clearing rooftop snow is no longer a chore, but an easy and fun task.

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April Aase

« Gets the snow off the roof! It had rained for hours before we tried it the first time. It would have been a real chore to pull the snow off with a traditional roof rake. This was fun! »

SnowPeeler Premium
April Aase, Jay, NY

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