John Smith, Iron River, MI


I love it! I can use from right or left hand, WAY EASIER than roof rake, sturdy, broke through snow and ice build up from three months ago, garage, house and breezeway. It took 1 1/2 hours, not days, reaches 3 times farther than roof rake. Another benefit of the slide bunged to handle, snow slides away from your house, no need to reshovel.

John loves that he can clear his roof 3 times faster than traditional snow rakes! He was used to taking an enormous time to remove snow and ice build up on the garage, house and breezeway. Even when the snow is packed, he can now clear snow quickly and easily with the SnowPeeler.

Our robust commercial-grade aluminum blade is equipped with braces to increase its strength and make it easy to effectively slices through all kinds of snow. With a simple motion, the blade slices through both fresh and hard-packed snow. We believe that John will use his SnowPeeler for many years to come! We made it to last.

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