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PolarMade recipient of an entrepreneurial grant awarded by Quebec

polarmade awarded

In September, PolarMade was honored as one of the top 12 innovative companies by the Entrepreneurship and Regional Development Division of the City of Quebec.

Each year, the Entrepreneurship and Regional Development Division recognizes local companies that advance commerce through innovative business models and job creation. These companies are selected from various fields including Information Technology, Arts & Culture, Food and Industrial Technology.

PolarMade was recognized for their innovativeness in its business model and their emphasis on safety. As a part of the recognition, PolarMade was awarded a $ 50,000 grant to assist in its marketing and production of a premium snow rake.

This acknowledgment is timely considering that winter is on its way and many people are injured each year when clearing snow from their rooftops.

For additional information on Quebec’s innovation grants:

Journal de Quebec


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