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Roof Collapse from Snow: It Could Happen to Your Home!

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Arguably, the most famous roof collapse from snow of recent times was the Minneapolis Metrodome, home to football’s Minnesota Vikings and baseball’s Minnesota Twins.

Protect your Roof to Avoid Snow Roof Collapse!

Arguably, the most famous roof collapse from snow of recent times was the Minneapolis Metrodome, home to football’s Minnesota Vikings and baseball’s Minnesota Twins. The roof collapsed from a snow load of 17 inches that fell in the area on December 12, 2010.

The only predictable thing about winter weather is its unpredictability!

While changes in weather may bring a few “inches” of snow in any given year, it may result in a few “feet” in another. Although we can’t accurately predict snowfall for this upcoming winter, we can plan for it by protecting our homes and ensuring our roofs don’t collapse from snow

Snow accumulation on the roof can lead to major problems

It’s a given that snow will accumulate on your roof during the winter. But did you know that heavy loads of snow can cause your roof to collapse? As snow builds up, the weight exerts pressure on your roof. When the weight of the snow exceeds the carrying capacity of the roof, it collapses. Find out how much snow your roof can support.

Roof collapse from snow is, by far, the most serious danger of accumulated snow on your roof. However, there are other, less-known hazards which can cause significant damage to your home. These hazards can also be roof collapse warning signs.

Ice dams

Heat from your home can cause snow and ice to melt. The water then flows into the eaves and refreezes. Ice backs up on your roof causing cracks, which can lead to water seeping into the house.

Interior seepage

During clement weather, snow can melt and seep into cracks of improperly sealed roofs, running down—and ultimately damaging the walls inside your home. This type of seepage can rot the house’s structure and be extremely expensive to fix. What’s more: mold build-up can affect the health of your loved ones if they have respiratory issues.

Falling snow and ice

Hundreds of people are injured every year from snow and ice falling from rooftops. Homeowners may be held responsible if they did not take steps to prevent these conditions by keeping their roofs clear of snow. Make sure you check with your insurance company to find out if your insurance covers roof collapses from snow as well as personal injury as a result of falling snow and ice.

While the repercussions of a roof collapse from snow loads at your home may not be to the extent of the Metrodome, it will still have a major impact on your family’s safety, trigger unplanned costs and a major headache for repairs—especially in the dead cold of winter. There’s no better way to get a jump on winter than to purchase your own SnowPeeler, a premium snow rake that will enable you to clear your rooftop quickly and safely!

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