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Where PolarMade Began

This story begins, as most do, in a land far, far away. That is if you consider the backcountry of Quebec “far, far away”! PolarMade began as a conversation one winter’s eve between two brothers-in-law, who coincidentally were both named Benoit.

In keeping with tradition, the Benoits and their families spent the holidays together at their secluded cabin near Lac Malouin. The rustic chalet receives heavy snowfall each winter. Upon arrival, the Benoits had a set routine — fire up the wood-burning stove then clear mountains of snow from the rooftops and walkways.

The Benoits knew all too well the exhausting, back-breaking work involved in climbing ladders and shoveling snow. And after a few tumbles, they also knew that clearing snow from the roof wasn’t always safe. But closer to the heart, the Benoits realized that the hours spent shoveling snow, took away from the precious time the families had to spend together.

The Benoits knew that this problem wasn’t unique to them. There were many others who struggled with this dreaded, yet necessary chore every winter. It was after this realization that their vision for SnowPeeler took shape and PolarMade began.

With that, we’d like to welcome you to PolarMade! Our mission is to simplify strenuous tasks, saving you time and effort while keeping you safe. With winter right around the corner, we’re very excited to introduce our first product — SnowPeeler, a premium snow removal tool that clears rooftops 2-3 times faster than conventional methods, safely used with both feet firmly on the ground!

Easily remove the snow accumulated on the roof with the SnowPeeler!

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