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Winter is here and it’s going to be fun!

Winter is here and it's going to be fun

Winter is upon us! Or is it?

When it comes to the “official” definition of winter, there are several perspectives.

Meteorologically — December 1 through February 28

With this definition, winter fits nicely into our Gregorian calendar as one of the four seasons, each of which are three months in length.

Astronomically — December 21 through March 20

This definition is more for the techies! Winter starts with the winter solstice when the axis of the earth in our hemisphere is the farthest from the sun. It also represents the shortest day of the year. Winter then ends with the spring equinox, when the plane of the earth’s equator passes through the center of the sun’s disk. It’s on this day that daylight and night time are of approximately equal duration all over the planet.

Realistically —

When the beautiful, vibrant colors of fall fade to gray and white and we’re forced to deal with frigid temperatures, long nights, icy roads and dirty cars! It starts with a childlike anticipation for the first snowfall but then vanishes quickly after a few weeks of shoveling driveways and scraping windshields.

So, regardless of the definition, what’s the best way to manage winter?

Maybe it comes down to shifting our perspective! Instead of thinking of winter as frozen, dreary and relentless — how about cozy, crackling fireplaces and fun!

For those of us in Canada and the upper U.S., winter kicks off a season of fun that just can’t be found in summer.

From dozens of activities to choose from, here are 10 of our favorites:

1.  Hockey
2.  Skiing
3.  Ice Skating
4.  Horse-Drawn Sleighs
5.  Snowmobiling
6.  Snowshoeing
7.  Outdoor Spas
8.  Tubing
9.  Ice Hotels
10.  Sugar Shacks

With all of these possibilities, you’ll want to minimize the time needed to take care of the “un-fun” chores that the season requires — like keeping your roof clear of snow. SnowPeeler was designed with that in mind.

Our premium snow rake enables you to quickly and safely remove snow from your roof, giving you plenty of time to enjoy your own definition of winter fun!

For additional information on winter fun:

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Easily remove the snow accumulated on the roof with the SnowPeeler!

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