Frequently Asked Questions about SnowPeeler

Here are all the answers to our most frequently asked questions in order to give you all the information you need about our innovative roof shovel.

What is the best way to use SnowPeeler?
When is the best time to use SnowPeeler?
How to avoid snow falling from the roof?
Why doesn’t SnowPeeler use wheels on its cutting frame?
What is the advantage of mounting the pole handle to the bottom of the cutting frame?
Can SnowPeeler be used directly from the roof?
Can I use SnowPeeler on a metal/steel roof?
Can SnowPeeler be used on a shallow pitch roof?
Can I use SnowPeeler on ice?
How do I care and maintain my SnowPeeler?
Are replacement parts available for SnowPeeler?
What is the warranty period for SnowPeeler?

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