SnowPeeler Roof Rake

Remove easily the snow accumulated on the roof

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Spend less time working and more time enjoying!

Thanks to SnowPeeler, you can clear your roof 2-3 times faster than traditional snow rakes.


No ladder required


2-3 times faster than snow rakes


Less effort to us

The SnowPeeler is designed to be used with both feet firmly on the ground

SnowPeeler incorporates a tapered, rectangular cutting blade in aluminum to which a robust snow slide canvas is attached. With a simple motion, the blade slices through the snow that slides off the roof thanks to the snow slide canvas.


SnowPeeler - Roof Snow Removal Tool

20 ft. handle

With SnowPeeler, snow removal on the roof has never been so easy, fast and safe. Ideal for single storey, detached garage and cabins/cottage.

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SnowPeeler Premium - Long Handle Roof Rake

30 ft. handle

SnowPeeler Premium is effective for clearing long or low-pitched roof.

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What People Are Saying

The SnowPeeler has revolutionized their winter. Now, they see shoveling their roof as an easy and fun task, not a chore.

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April Aase

« Gets the snow off the roof! It had rained for hours before we tried it the first time. It would have been a real chore to pull the snow off with a traditional roof rake. This was fun! »

SnowPeeler Premium
April Aase, United States

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PolarMade is a north american manufacturer of innovative solutions that simplify strenuous tasks, so you spend less time working and more time enjoying winter. Our products are engineered to save time and effort while ensuring your safety.

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