Josh, Pocatello, ID


This isn't your little plastic snow rake for the 4 inches of snow that shut down the city. While it may work for that just great, it works incredibly well at removing tons (literally) of snow very quickly. Don't let me fool you into believing that it is fun, but it ALMOST is. If you live where there is a lot of snow, I highly recommend grabbing one of these. It works and is well worth the money.

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Josh had over 3 feet of snow drop in the last 4 days in the mountains of Idaho before he bought the SnowPeeler. He had the regular aluminum snow rake, but it just doesn't cut it real well when that much heavy, wet snow piles up.

As soon as he received his SnowPeeler, he went out to give it a shot. He was pleased to realize it worked better than his old snow rake. He figured for every pass up a 15-foot roof he is taking almost 200 pounds of snow off! In 10 passes, he is taking 1 ton of snow off his roof!

We are pleased to read that he believes it is almost fun to remove snow from his roof! With SnowPeeler, there is no need to lug a heavy ladder through knee-deep snow and inch across a slick roof.

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