About PolarMade: A Canadian Snow Shovel Manufacturer

Manufacturer of the safest snow rake for rooftop snow removal

PolarMade is a North American manufacturer of innovative solutions that simplify strenuous tasks, so you spend less time working and more time enjoying winter. Our products are engineered to save time and effort while ensuring your safety. Designed and manufactured in Quebec, PolarMade leverages commercial-grade materials and the finest workmanship to guarantee the highest level of quality and durability for our products.

The development of a snow rake that is revolutionizing the snow shovel market

The idea for SnowPeeler came from a conversation between two brothers-in-law on an afternoon during the Holidays in a cottage located in norther Canada. Tired of clearing the roof after heavy snowfalls and wanting more family time, the two entrepreneurs devised the first sketches of the product that would quickly break into the market and become the foundation of PolarMade.

Our first innovation: the SnowPeeler

PolarMade's SnowPeeler is an innovative snow removal tool that allows you to easily remove the snow accumulated on the roof. With SnowPeeler, there is no need to lug a heavy ladder through knee-deep snow and inch across a slick roof. Ultimately, snow removal can be done faster, with much less effort and, above all, more safely, because SnowPeeler is designed to be used with both feet firmly on the ground. Its patent-pending design allows cutting through both fresh and compact snow. SnowPeeler makes it easy to remove snow up to 20 feet. The PREMIUM model offers a 30-foot reach, while its robust snow slide allows snow to flow smoothly off the roof. Thanks to its versatile design, SnowPeeler can also be used to shovel snow from the rooftop.

PolarMade is your ultimate go-to manufacturer for ingenious rooftop snow removal tools that get the job done! Stay tuned for more of our innovations that will hit the market soon!