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Rooftop Investing – Choosing the right snow removal tool


Protecting your investment

With winter upon us, the threat level for your roof rises significantly. Snow loading and ice dams can cause major damage, resulting in substantial, unplanned expense. Choosing the right snow removal tool to maintain your roof will ensure the investment in your home.

Given that we’ve seen the first snowfall of the year, it’s time to take a closer look at the options you have to keep your roof clear of snow this season.

Choosing the right snow removal tool

When it comes to maintaining your roof during winter, the options are vast differing by price, ease of use and complexity. On the low end, you have your basic shovel which is inexpensive but requires significant physical energy to use and when used from the rooftop can have serious safety concerns.

On the high end, you have electric/radiant heating systems which can cost thousands of dollars to install and run yet require only a flip of a switch to use.

Fortunately, there are several “in-between” options:


Fixed scoop with short handle; snow is “lifted” and thrown; requires a lot of physical effort; can be dangerous when used from the rooftop; inexpensive

Snow Rake

Similar in design to a garden hoe with a wide blade and long handle; snow is “pulled” off of the roof; requires physical effort; relatively inexpensive

Premium Snow Rake

Uses a cutting frame and vinyl slide; the cutting frame is “pushed” up the roof, snow flows down the slide; requires less physical effort – gravity does most of the work; moderately more expensive than traditional rakes

Electric/Radiant Heating Systems

Integrates heating cables/panels within the rooftop; when energized, melts snow; expensive to purchase, maintain and use (energy costs)

When considering rooftop snow removal tools, your budget and its ease of use are guiding factors.

But there are other points that should be considered — most notably, quality and durability. How is the tool constructed?

  • Is it made with plastic, fiberglass or commercial-grade materials?
  • Is it light or heavy?
  • Is it corrosion resistant?
  • Is it a quality-built product that will last or will you be replacing it every year or two?

When we designed the SnowPeeler, we took all of these into consideration. SnowPeeler is a premium snow removal tool that clears rooftops 2-3 times faster than traditional snow rakes. It’s constructed of commercial-grade aluminum, UHMW-PE and stainless-steel hardware. Its corrosion resistant, lightweight and incredibly durable — built to last many winters.

Maintaining your roof in the winter ensures the investment you’ve accrued in your home. Choosing the right snow removal tool for your roof is also an investment. It’s not just an investment of money, but an investment of your time and energy. Choose wisely!

Easily remove the snow accumulated on the roof with the SnowPeeler!

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