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Winter! Who has it worse in Canada?

Case study

What are the snowiest cities in Canada?

Those of us who live in the upper regions of North America have a love/hate relationship with winter. We enjoy the range of activities that the season brings from hockey and skiing to horse-drawn sleighs and sugar shacks! But as the temperatures plummet, the nights grow longer, and the snow starts piling up, we begin to ponder, “where could winter be worse?”

While rankings abound regarding the snowiest cities in Canada, according to Expedia.ca, here are some of the most miserable cities in Canada with the most snow:

20. Terrace, BC
19. Placentia, NL
18. Gander, NL
17. Moncton, NB
16. Claresholm, AB
15. Burns Lake, BC
14. Thunder Bay, ON
13. Saguenay, QC
12. Fort Vermilion, AB
11. Kenaston, SK
10. Winnipeg, MB
9. Kenora, ON
8. Val-D’Or, QC
7. Moosonee, ON
6. Thompson, MB
5. Yellowknife, NT
4. Inuvik, NT
3. Beaver Creek, YT
2. Baker Lake, NU
1. Rankin Inlet, NU

Source: https://www.expedia.ca/travelblog/cities-miserable-winters-ranked/

Snowiest cities around the World

What are the coldest cities in Canada?

It’s hard to pick the coldest places in Canada, simply because it always depends on weather patterns for any given winter. For example, in February 2019, 10 out 10 of the coldest places around the world were in Canada. Did you know that Wikipedia even records the coldest recorded temperatures in Canada? You can check out a regularly updated list of the coldest places in Canada that were ever observed. For the upcoming year, you can track the coldest cities in Canada with WX Now.

North America cosdest place : Yukon

What are the 5 windiest cities in Canada?

Canada’s top windiest cities span from Newfoundland to the central and western provinces. Here are Canada 5 windiest cities:

5. Vancouver, BC
4. Winnipeg, MB
3. Regina, SK
2. Lethbridge, AB
1. St John’s, NL

But don’t forget about the Chinook winds in southern Alberta, where you can experience all four seasons in just one day! If you want to track the windiest cities in Canada, use this wind tracker.

Snowiest cities around the world

Rest assured, this is a sentiment felt around the world. And as bad as we think we have it during winter, there are millions more who have it worse!

Let’s consider fellow sufferers in major cities around the world.

10 snowiest major cities around the world
(Basis: Annual snowfall, cities with populations over 100,000)

9.  Buffalo, New York (95 inches)
8.  Rochester, New York (99 inches)
7.  Akita, Tōhoku, Japan (107 inches)
6.  Saguenay, Quebec (123 inches)
5.  (Tie) Syracuse, New York, and Quebec City, Quebec (124 inches)
4.  St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada (131 inches)
3.  Toyama, Hokuriku, Japan (143 inches)
2.  Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan (191 inches)
1. Aomori City, Tōhoku, Japan (312 inches)

Source: https://www.accuweather.com/en/weather-news/top-10-snowiest-major-cities-around-the-world/375130

To put our misery in perspective, consider these areas hit with the “extremes” of winter

North America’s snowiest place

When it comes to snowfall in areas outside the big city, think 692 inches (1,758 cm)! That’s the average annual snowfall in North America’s snowiest place – Mount Rainier in Washington state. In 1971-72, Mt. Rainier set a single year record with 1,122 inches (2,850 cm).

Snowiest place in America: Mount Rainier

North America’s Coldest Place

The remote settlement of Snag in the Yukon Territory holds the title for the coldest “officially-recorded” spot in North America. On February 3, 1947, a government weather station at a small landing field recorded a temperature of -81.4? Fahrenheit (-63? Celsius) in dry, still conditions. The weather observers could only venture out for a few minutes at a time without risking frozen lungs, noses, and ears. To find a colder spot on earth, you would have to head to Antarctica.

North America coldest place: Yukon

North America’s Windiest Place

The honors for the windiest place in North America go to an observatory located on the summit of Mount Washington in New Hampshire. During a wild storm in April of 1934, a wind gust hit 231 mph (372 km/h)! This stands as the all-time surface wind speed recorded in North America and second only to the 253 mph (408 km/h) winds from Tropical Cyclone Olivia which hit Australia in 1996.

Source: http://www.discovery.com/tv-shows/north-america/top-10/top-10-most-extreme-places-in-north-america-coldest-place/

It’s all about perspective!

Yes! Winter can be tough to manage. But there will always be those who are better off (think Miami, Florida) and those who are worse off (I’m sure the residents of Aomori City, Japan, which is the snowiest city in the world, would love to change places with those in Quebec City, Quebec!).

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