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PolarMade began as a conversation between two brothers-in-law -- both named Benoit.

In keeping with tradition, the Benoits and their families spent the holidays together at their secluded lake house. Located in Quebec’s northern backcountry, the rustic chalet receives heavy snowfall each winter. After arriving and firing up the wood-burning stove, the priority was to clear the waist-high snow from the rooftops and walkways.

The Benoits knew all too well the strenuous work involved in climbing ladders and shoveling roofs. They also knew it could be unsafe. Closer to heart, they realized that the hours spent shoveling snow, took away from the precious time the families had to spend together.

It was after this realization – and recognizing that many others shared the need to safely and quickly clear snowy roofs – that the vision for SnowPeeler took shape and PolarMade was born.


PolarMade is a North American manufacturer of innovative solutions that simplify strenuous tasks so you spend less time working and more time enjoying. Our products are engineered to save time and effort while ensuring safety in use. Designed and manufactured in Quebec, PolarMade leverages commercial-grade materials and the finest workmanship to guarantee the highest level of quality and reliability for our products.


The mission of PolarMade is to develop innovative solutions that simplify strenuous tasks, saving you time and effort while keeping you safe.


PolarMade’s SnowPeeler is a premium snow removal tool that enables you to quickly and safely remove built-up snow from your roof.

With SnowPeeler, there’s no need to lug a heavy ladder through knee-deep snow. There’s no need to inch across a slick roof.  And there’s no need to shovel until you can’t stand straight.

With SnowPeeler, you keep both feet firmly on the ground. Its patent-pending design cuts effortlessly through any type of snowpack. An extendable handle kit -sold in option- provides reach up to 30 feet, while its vinyl slide allows snow to flow smoothly off your roof. And with its adaptive construction, SnowPeeler can be reversed and used directly from the rooftop.

Saving you time and effort, while keeping you safe –  that’s the PolarMade way!