SnowPeeler “How Do You Peel ” Challenge!

We’re excited about the demand that we’ve seen for SnowPeeler since our launch last year and we’re very grateful for having you as one of our first customers.

As a young company, your feedback is very important in helping us provide the best products and service possible.  To that extent, we’d like to hear about your experience with SnowPeeler.

To show our appreciate for you as a customer and to encourage your feedback, we’re sponsoring the SnowPeeler “How Do You Peel ” Challenge!  And, to make this a little more “aPeeling”, we’re giving away an Apple iPad PRO (12.9”, 256 GB, valued at $1,229 CAD).

You can participate in the Challenge through several ways. You can write a review for us on Facebook and/or Amazon (if you purchased your SnowPeeler on Amazon). You can also participate by sending us a photo and/or video of you (or someone you know) using your SnowPeeler. You’ll be awarded entries based on the following:

  • Submit a photo of your SnowPeeler “In Action” (1 entry)
  • Submit a 30-second video of your SnowPeeler “In Action” (2 entries)
  • Write a Facebook Review (1 entry)

Please email your photo and video entries to kEncEmailtopxqffmfsAqpmbsnbef/db.  If you have trouble emailing the larger video files, we suggest using, a free file transfer service.

To be eligible for the Challenge you must have purchased a SnowPeeler from our website, Amazon or one of our Retail Partners. In addition, all Facebook reviews must be posted, and all photos and videos must be received by 12 Midnight (Eastern) on March 16, 2018. The winner will be randomly selected from the submitted entries on March 30, 2018.

Happy Peeling!

The Polarmade Team