Which SnowPeeler is right for you?

SnowPeeler incorporates a tapered, rectangular cutting blade in aluminum to which a robust snow slide canvas is attached. With a simple motion, the blade slices through the snow that slides off the roof thanks to the snow slide canvas. SnowPeeler allows you to clear snow with less effort and 3 times faster than with a conventional roof shovel. It promotes safe snow removal from the ground or directly from the rooftop. Thanks to its solid design, SnowPeeler allows you to effectively remove snow whether it is fresh, packed or hardened. It is available in two versions, 6 m (20 ft.) or 9 m (30 ft.).


6 m (20 ft.) SnowPeeler and 9 m (30 ft.) SnowPeeler Premium

Here are the features of our two models. They will help you choose the roof shovel that best suits your needs. Note that SnowPeeler Premium is the most complete version and is effective in most conditions.


Main features

SnowPeeler roof shovels are manufactured with commercial-grade materials. They are robust tools that make it easier to clear snow even when the snow is packed.



Best Use Applications


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