Weight of snow on your roof: what is covered by your insurance?

Weight of snow on your roof: what is covered by your insurance?

Winter brings its share of challenges, especially for homeowners in snowy regions like Alaska. Snow accumulation on the roof is not just a matter of aesthetics; it can lead to significant structural damage. The weight of snow can lead to partial or complete roof collapses, as well as water infiltration that can jeopardize the integrity of your home. You may be wondering what your insurance covers in the event of such incidents? This article will guide you through the main coverage offered by home insurance policies for damage caused by  lack of snow removal. From the specific conditions to check in your policy, to prevention tips to minimize the risks and protect your home effectively.

Damage caused by snow accumulation on the roof: what is covered by your home insurance?

Snow and ice accumulation on a building's roof can cause a partial or total collapse, resulting in significant losses and major reconstruction work.Third parties can also be involved in these losses, which can result in complex disputesFortunately, comprehensive home insurance offers essential coverage in these situations. This policy covers the costs of a roof that collapses or furniture that is damaged due to snow and ice.


Water infiltration is covered if the clause 'Water Damage - Water Above Ground' is included in the contract. Opting for an insurance policy that is adapted to the climatic conditions in your region is crucial to avoid unpleasant surprises. The damage to outdoor furniture caused by extreme weather conditions can also be covered by this type of insurance.

Loss coverage varies depending on the type of building (residential, commercial or agricultural) and the contractual protections. For example, damage caused by the weight of snow or ice is generally included in an “All Risks” home insurance policy. It is essential to review the terms of your policy to ensure that you are properly covered against these types of losses, especially in areas prone to heavy snowfall.

How does home insurance deal with roofs that collapse  due to snow?

When a roof collapses under the weight of snow, home insurance plays a crucial role in helping homeowners recover from this catastrophe. Most “all-risk” home insurance policies cover damage caused by roof collapse due to snow or ice accumulation. 

This coverage generally includes the cost of repairing or rebuilding the roof and collateral damage in the home interior (breakage of furniture and other personal belongings). To benefit from this protection, it is important that the insurance is in force at the time of the loss. Specific clauses, such as “Water Damage - Water Above Ground”, must also be included in the contract. In order to ensure prompt and efficient handling, homeowners must immediately inform their insurer of the loss, provide proof of the damage, and comply with their insurer's repair instructions.

Roof damage, what is covered by our insurance

Prevention and insurance for roofs damaged by the weight of snow

Prevention is essential to avoid costly damage caused by the weight of snow on roofs. In addition to good regular maintenance, the use of specialized roof snow removal tools , such as the SnowPeeler roof snow rake makes it possible to clear snow safely and efficiently.  To prevent accidents, clear your roof and entrances and stairs to your home immediately after a heavy accumulation of snow.

Make sure to do the same for appliances like gas or electricity meters, and heat pumps. If you're going away for a few days, leave the heating at a minimum of 53°F or ask someone to look after your home. Make sure your gutters aren't blocked by ice and there's no accumulation of icicles.

Insulating sleeving should be installed on exposed pipes and near exterior walls to prevent pipes from freezing. Seal all openings that let air to pass  and could expose your home and its components to cold air. By taking these steps, you can protect your home from the harmful effects of winter.

Home insurance that specifically covers damage caused by the weight of snow is crucial.By choosing a good insurance policy and properly clearing your roof, you can minimize the risks and ensure you are well protected in case of an issue. Make sure to regularly review your policy terms to ensure it covers the harsh weather conditions in your region.

Prevention and insurance for roofs damaged by the weight of snow

To put it simply, snow and ice can cause serious harm to the integrity of your roof and the safety of your home. It's crucial to understand what your home insurance covers in the event of snow damage, to avoid unpleasant surprises. Adopting preventive measures are essential steps in protecting your property. Such as using on a daily basis effective roof snow removal tools, like the SnowPeeler roof snow rake. Choosing an insurance policy adapted to your region's climatic conditions is also a great way of keeping your home safe! By being well prepared and informed, you can get through the winter in peace!Be assured that your roof and home are well-protected against the winter's rigors.