Frequently Asked Questions about SnowPeeler

Here are all the answers to our most frequently asked questions in order to give you all the information you need about our innovative roof shovel.

When using SnowPeeler from the ground, position the cutting frame at the lower edge of the roof near the gutter. Ensure the vinyl slide is hanging over the edge of the roof and push upward. SnowPeeler’s pole handles come in 5-foot lengths. Only connect the number of poles necessary to reach the first 6-10 feet of your roof. To reach extended sections, connect additional poles. To expedite the connection of the pole handles, have the additional poles nearby for easy access. When adding a new pole, simply lean the SnowPeeler against the edge of the roof, pick up the new pole and connect to the end. Do not stick the poles into snowdrifts in that they will fill with snow causing potential problems with the quick-snap connectors.

To maximize the benefit of SnowPeeler and to ensure that you’re adequately protecting your roof against snow loading and the formation of ice dams, it’s recommended that you begin removing snow when it has reached an accumulation of 12 inches on your roof. SnowPeeler can be used effectively on snow accumulations up to 36 inches due to its 4-edged, tapered cutting frame. The density of the snow is also a factor to consider. To ensure efficiency and minimize effort, SnowPeeler should be used frequently before accumulations become hard-packed.

As the SnowPeeler cutting frame slices through snow, it will fall very quickly down the vinyl slide. When the snow is compact, it has a tendency to slide down the pole handle in blocks. To avoid being covered in snow, move the handle in a slight lateral movement and the snow will fall to the ground before reaching you.

SnowPeeler was engineered with adjustable glide pads made from UHMW-PE (ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene). This high-performance plastic has a very low coefficient of friction, is self-lubricating and is highly resistant to abrasion. The glide pads can be easily adjusted to the height of the roofing material. When in use, the pads come into direct contact with the snow. They have reduced resistance in comparison to competing products which incorporate wheels. Cutting frames which use wheels also have a tendency to bounce over hard-packed accumulation, requiring additional effort by the user.

SnowPeeler has a “dual-mount” capability depending on whether it’s being used from the ground level or the rooftop. When SnowPeeler is used from the ground, the pole handle is mounted on the bottom of the cutting frame. In this scenario, the user “pushes” the cutting frame from the bottom of the roof to the top. This allows for a direct transfer of energy to the cutting surface. Competitive products with top-mounted handles impose a twisting force on the cutting blade resulting in a loss of energy and effectiveness, which then requires more effort by the user. This twisting motion also places additional stress on the frame which damages the tool over time.

SnowPeeler is uniquely designed with a patent-pending, reversible cutting frame. This enables the user to effectively clear accumulated snow while positioned at the peak of the roof. With this application, the pole handle is mounted on the top of the cutting frame in the opposite direction of the vinyl slide. In clearing snow from the peak of the roof, the cutting frame is pulled from the base of the roof towards the top. This allows the snow to slide easily off the roof. SnowPeeler should only be used from the rooftop when the user is secured with an approved roofing safety harness.

Yes, the glide pads can be adjusted to provide a clearance of 2 ¼ inches, which allows the cutting blade to rise above the ribs on the metal roof.

Yes, SnowPeeler can be used effectively on shallow pitch roofs. When using on shallow pitch roofs, the user must stand further from the base of the house to keep the snow rake parallel to the roof slope to maximize benefit. In these scenarios, the Handle Extension Kit may be necessary.

SnowPeeler should not be used on ice. Using SnowPeeler to chop or break ice may damage the tool as well as your roof. It is also considered a “misuse” of the tool, thereby voiding the warranty.

SnowPeeler is constructed of commercial-grade aluminum with stainless-steel hardware and is highly resistant to corrosion. After use, it is recommended to wipe moisture from the cutting frame, pole handles and vinyl slide and store SnowPeeler inside your garage or home.

Yes, you can order replacement parts directly from the website or by sending a request to

PolarMade warrants that its SnowPeeler will be free from defects in material or workmanship for a limited warranty period of 2 years from the date of purchase. Damage to the product due to accident, misuse, abuse, normal wear, unauthorized repair or alterations, and non-personal use is excluded from this warranty. For additional information on the SnowPeeler warranty, please review the Terms and Conditions.