Before Use  

Roll out the snow slide on your SnowPeeler before going outside. At temperatures drop below -10° C (14° F), the slide may stiffen making it difficult to unroll. 


Only connect the number of pole extensions necessary to reach the first 1-2 feet of snow on the lower edge of your roof. This will minimize the weight of your SnowPeeler and reduce the effort required in this initial stage. Place the extra pole extensions nearby within reach. Do not stick the pole extensions end-first into snow drifts. Snow may clog the openings causing difficulties with the snap spring connectors.  



Starting at the edge of your house, clear snow 5 feet at a time using upward strokes and moving laterally across the roof. Do not try to clear the entire upward length of your roof by adding all of the pole extensions when you start. This will require more effort over time in that the weight of your SnowPeeler is not optimized. You may also find that the end of your SnowPeeler is hitting the ground more frequently as you have to pull it back all the way to reach the bottom of the roof. 


Once you’ve cleared a 5-foot section, add an extension pole and begin to remove the next 5 feet. Repeat this step until you’ve reached the peak of your roof or you’ve added all of your available pole extensions (30-feet is generally the limit). 




Current versions of SnowPeeler Classic and SnowPeeler Premium are equipped with an elastic slide attachment. The purpose of the slide attachment is to minimize drift in windy conditions and to ensure the snow slide will always be aligned with the sectional handle. 

The slide attachment consists of a slotted pole handle and an elastic slide attachment. The slotted pole handle is configured as the 3rd extension in the sectional handle. The elastic slide attachment is connected to the slot in the handle and the grommet in the tail of the slide. 

To avoid being covered with snow when using the slide attachment, move the handle in a slight lateral direction to ensure the snow falls to the ground before reaching you. 





Reconfiguring Your SnowPeeler 

SnowPeeler is typically configured for ground level use with the frame adapter attached to the bottom edge of the cutting frame. When using SnowPeeler from the roof, the frame adapter is mounted on the upper edge of the cutting frame with the pole handle facing the opposite direction of the slide. 

To configure SnowPeeler for the rooftop application, you must first uninstall the frame adapter from the bottom surface of the cutting frame by unscrewing the (two) ¼-in. cap screws. It is not necessary to remove the frame pole from the frame adapter. 

Next, you’ll want to install the frame adapter to the inside edge of the upper surface of the cutting frame. First, make sure the frame pole is pointed in the opposite direction of the slide. Next, position the flat surface of the frame adapter to the inside edge of the upper cutting frame. In this configuration, you will be using the outer two holes on the frame adapter. 

Screw the (two) cap screws through the cutting frame into the frame adapter and hand-tighten. Use a 5/32-in. hex key to fully tighten. Before tightening make sure the handle is positioned perpendicular to the frame. You will also want to make sure that you do not over-tighten the screws, so you don’t strip the threads on the inside of the adapter. 

For additional information on the Rooftop configuration, please view our Assembly Video (starting at the 7:13 mark) 


To safely use your SnowPeeler from the rooftop, you must first clear a path to the peak and across the roofline. This starts with careful placement of your ladder. You’ll want to make sure it is on firm, level ground away from power and utility lines. In addition, always let someone know that you will be working on the roof and ask them to check up on you. If possible, have them “spot” you while you’re on the roof.  


Once you’ve cleared an access path, you’ll want to carry your SnowPeeler to the roof unassembled. Once all of the components are on the roof, you will want to secure yourself to the roof with your safety harness.  

If possible, roll out the slide on your SnowPeeler before going outside. At temperatures drop below -10° C (14° F), the slide may stiffen making it difficult to unroll. 


To effectively remove snow while working from the roof, the slide must be hanging over the lower eave or gutter. You will want to connect the number of pole extensions that will enable you to reach the lower edge of the roof from the peak. 


With the slide hanging over the edge, pull the cutting frame towards you. Moving in a lateral direction, repeat these steps until your roof is cleared. Depending on the distance from your roof’s lower edge to its peak, you may want to consider purchasing the Handle Extension Kit – 10 ft. and the XL Slide Kit – 15 ft. to ensure your safety and optimize the effectiveness of your SnowPeeler.