When to remove snow from your roof: choose wisely to make it easy!

When to remove snow from your roof: choose wisely to make it easy!

There is a storm coming and you are not sure if you have to clear your roof? Wondering if it’s time to clear the snow from your flat roof? Several factors may influence the frequency this winter maintenance should be carried out, and these factors differ from one house to another. How do you know if it’s time for you to take out the snow rake and clear the roof? Here is the answer!

Snow accumulation on the roof: a question of slope?

Although we tend to believe that snow accumulates faster on flat roofs, this is not always the case. Most of the time, the wind manages to sweep the clusters, unless the buildings around yours are taller, or your roof has higher parts such as a chimney or a balustrade.
On the contrary, if you believe that the snow will not pile up on a steep roof, know that this is not entirely true either! While it will most likely slide over a metal roofing, it will more easily stick to asphalt shingle coverings, since its rough and porous texture creates strong adhesion.
The presence of dormers, chimneys and other projecting elements, as well as concave slopes in your roof is also likely to create larger accumulations in certain places. So regardless of the shape of your roof, be sure to monitor how the snow accumulates on a daily basis.

Watch the weather!

Is a snowfall coming? A winter or spring thaw accompanied by rain or ice? As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure! As a storm approaches or temperatures rise higher than normal of the season, it is important to clear snow from your roof to avoid excessive build-up. Take the same precautions after precipitation has ended. Regular maintenance is the key!

Critical situations for the roof

Alarming signs: you have to clear the roof quickly!
In some cases, there are no questions to ask! You should quickly remove snow from your roof if you notice any of the following signs:

  • Deformation of the roof or ceiling
  • Unusual cracking sounds
  • Unusual friction when you open or close the doors
  • Cracks on walls or ceiling
  • Water infiltration in the house

In all cases, be sure to shovel the snow off your roof safely using the appropriate techniques.

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